Why yearly roof inspections are a must.

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Did you know that tiled and Colour Bond roofs slowly decay over time. Tiled roofs can loose there integrity within the tile causing it to become brittle and weak, one cracked tile can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to the inside of your home. Most tiled roofs are bedded using a concrete and mortar mix, like most things it deteriorates over time and can become loose and fall out! A general rule we go by is if your roof is older then ten years, chances are its time for some re-bedding and re-pointing. Keeping on top of this and maintaining the ridge capping will save you quite a bit of money, if you can keep an eye on your ridge caps your home may only need to be repointed saving you almost 60% in labor and materials. Splatter Up Roof Restoration use’s a flexible pointing on your ridge capping, it has the flexibility to move and water proofs your joins.

You might want to check out your lead flashing, this is one part of the roof that can be over looked. Lead is often used on joins where the tile meets the home, brick walls or sometimes blue board. Always look under the flashing for broken or lose tiles, flashing is not 100% weather proof and water can find a way under it.

Colour Bond roofs are a little bit different as most of them have been siliconed to seal joins, siliconed joins only last so long when exposed to heat, rain and the over all Australian cyclonic weather. Some times leaks can be hard to notice from the inside of your home often taking years to see a damp spot. Checking seals and silicone joins on your roof as often as you can will help protect your home from leaking water.

Did you know that Splatter Up Roof  Restoration offers a free roof inspection and report!? Not only do we let you know how your roof is doing, we can also give you a price to get it all fixed up and have your roof leak proofed. Call us on 0431 637 117 for a no obligation inspection!




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