Thicker is better when it comes to spraying!

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Every now and then you will see a big bill board or trailer sign saying ‘Roofs Painted $1400’… I often get asked how is this even possible? Even for a small roof! The easiest way to explain is to give a little insight into how much certain materials cost. An average 3 bedroom home will consume roughly 40Litres of sealer/primer, a further 100 – 120Litres of roof membrane to correctly apply two coats at the recommended and required film thickness. Each drum costs upwards of $160, which means your looking at close to $1400+ just for materials! Some roofs will actually require more paint than this as they can be quite porous and the roof will need more paint applied to get perfect coverage, this also doesn’t include any materials that will actually repair the roofs leaks! (Broken tiles, ridge capping and barge tiles).

A few other costs that can be overlooked are cleaning costs, A decent machine to wash a roof costs upwards of $10k and hiring a machine of this standard will cost you around $300+. A decent airless spray machine will set a roof painter back around 11k and also set you back a few hundred dollars if he needed to hire.

With all these things in mind, you really do start to think how any one can repaint a roof for any less than $2000 and make a profit of any kind! Going for the super cheap option isn’t always best, especially when it comes to roof painting and restoration. Your roof is there to protect you and your family! The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ when it comes to the roof restoration industry is definitely true. Always shop around and ask to see previous work from tradesman.

The last thing you want is your roof fading away 6 months later and the company you try to call back have moved on to another city with there ‘$1400 trailer’ If the price seems too low than generally there will be a shortfall in some way, whether its thinning of the paint or not putting enough product on your roof. Doing it right the first time will save you many head aches later down the track, as every roofer knows ‘there is nothing worse than a peeling roof!’

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