Roof Painting in Progress

Roof Painting

Based on the Gold Coast, Splatter Up Roof Restoration are local and committed to quality. We love nothing better then giving you the best job possible every time.

Our team can turn a faded, worn-out roof into one that looks as good or better then a brand new roof. Whether it’s a residential roof, commercial roof or body corporate on the Gold Coast, Northern NSW or Brisbane, here at Splatter Up we have the know-how to get any size job completed and done the right way.

We follow a certain step process to ensure only the best finish for your roof, so you can feel safe in the knowledge the job was done right. As you scroll down the page we have these steps outlined so you know just what to expect.

If your roof is looking worse for wear, head over to the contact page to request a quote online, or give us a call on 0431 637 117. You won’t be left disappointed.

Roof Painting Steps

  • 1. Inspection

    The roof is thoroughly inspected.

  • 2. Inspection Report

    We write up a full report.

  • 3. Pipes Disconnected

    We disconnect all tank water pipes if neccessary.

  • 4. Roof Cleaned

    The roof is high pressure cleaned at a working rate of 5000 psi, delivering a minimum water flow of 21 lpm.

  • 5. Wash Down

    After washing the roof, all areas surrounding the roof are washed down and cleaned.

  • 6. Tiles Replaced

    All the broken and damaged tiles are replaced.

  • 7. Flexi-Pointing

    Flexi-pointing is applied to ridgecaps ( Note - older homes may require re-bedding ).

  • 8. Roof Blown Down

    The roof is blown down to remove any debris caused from tile changing or fallen leaves etc.

  • 9. Taping

    Any solar panels and skylights are taped up to prevent overspray.

  • 10. Fungal & Mould Killer

    One coat of anti-fungal and mould killer is applied to the roof.

  • 11. Roof Sealer

    One coat of roof sealer is then applied.

  • 12. Roof Membrane

    Two coats of roof membrane is finally applied, in your choice of colour.