Full Roof Restoration

Full Roof Restoration. *high pressure cleaning. This involves pressures higher then 4000 psi. Removing all contaminates from the roof, a vital part of the respraying process.

Colourbond roof respray

This old Queenslander was very worn out and covered in dirt before washing. We were able to get it back looking amazing with our step by step roof process.

Jet blasting a peeling roof

This roof was in such a bad way it needed 3 days of pressure blasting to remove all the paint from each roof tile. As you can see the full clean and repaint makes a huge difference in the final outcome and the look of the roof.

Roof Repaint

This roof required a full high-pressure clean with the rotary cleaner and a further jet blast with the turbo head. It was then followed with a sealer coat and two coats of roof paint. See how wonderful it looks now! Contact us to see what we can do for your roof.

Full exterior repaint – Pre-Sale

This whole home was completely repainted! The roof, walls and driveway. This was a pre-sale paint, as first impressions are always the strongest. If you’re thinking of selling your home, keep in mind you could add thousands to the price of your home for a fraction of the cost.

Full home re-paint

This home’s roof was resprayed and the whole exterior render was repaired and repainted. With a bright new roof, this home now boasts an amazing street presence.

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